Even a cursory appraisal of automotive engineering would reveal numerous opportunities for the use of tubes in one form or another, and Technical Tubes have, not surprisingly, counted the industry among its most regular and long-standing customers, with a resulting breadth of expertise which is virtually unrivalled.

The Classic Solution
In the world of classic cars, the names of Aston Services and the Forshaw family who are behind it have attained an almost legendary status. Mind you, once you see one of their superbly restored vehicles - a 1954 Aston Martin of a 1904 VCC Napier, for instance - it is not hard to understand why.

Technical Tubes have been supplying tubes to Aston Services for the best part  of 30 years and their exhaust pipes, manifolds, flanges, water pipes and oil pipes, to name but a few, have eventually taken pride of place in a veritable fleet of prized cars.

As you would expect, quality is of prime importance. Whether manipulating a 2" stainless steel tube or a " pipe from copper or brass, Technical Tubes have continuously demonstrated their ability to match superior standards of engineering with a similarly high regard for price and delivery times, civility and helpfulness... 

And those are Aston Services' words, not Technical Tubes'!

The Miller's Tale
For motorcycling enthusiasts, Sammy Miller's workshops and museum in New Milton, Hampshire are something of an essential stop on a journey through the history, past and present, of two-wheel motoring.

Behind the scenes, of course, there is a  considerable amount of painstaking construction and restoration going on - and it is this aspect with which Technical Tubes have been involved with for a good many years.

In fact, Technical Tubes have produced everything from exhausts to handlebars and frames to mudguard stays; in mild steel tube from " to 1" in diameter; in any quantity from a single unit to continuous production batches.

High Speed Class
When Malcolm Cole Ltd took on the job of producing a marine version of the V12 so that it could be used in a high performance race boat, they quickly beat a track to the doors of Technical Tubes.

In this case, the tubing specification was extremely demanding and involved bending tubes, one inside the other, to precision jigs and patterns which Malcolm Cole Ltd supplied.

Twenty-four of the prototype tubes were produced from free issue 316 stainless steel, with Technical Tubes' specialist skill in resin filling, once again demonstrating a much-appreciated ability to a very distinctive discipline.

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