As indicated by the necessarily few samples shown here, Technical Tubes' components can appear in a bewildering variety of products and equipment - indeed it would be true to say that if you can think of a situation in which tubing is needing, as likely as not Technical Tubes already have practical experience of a similar, or exactly the same, application.

The Perfect Foil for Sabre
For the past 25 years, Sabre Engines Ltd. have been designing and manufacturing some of the most sought after marine diesels in the world, and their high-performance engines can be found in all sorts of craft, from lifeboats to police launches, pilot cutters to power boats.

With a jealously guarded reputation for engineering excellence, they naturally expect their suppliers to be equally stringent when it comes to quality, so not surprisingly, they come to Technical Tubes when they need manipulated pipes for their marine diesels.

In fact, they have been a regular Technical Tubes' customer for more than 25 years, and while the specification of each job may vary in terms of materials, size and quantities, the same high standards of precision and quality have been common to all.

Rising to the Challenge
For anyone who is disabled or simply cannot get around as well as they used to, the name of Stannah will be more than familiar. However, it is unlikely that many, if any, realise the role Technical Tubes play in the construction of the stairlifts that play such an important part in their lives.

In fact, Technical Tubes fulfill all of Stannah's needs for tube manipulated components and such has been their success in meeting quality standards, price structures and deadlines, that any such work is now automatically passed onto Technical Tubes for completion.

Worthy of Hamworthy Appeal
Another of Technical Tubes' regular customers is Poole-based Hamworthy Marine Ltd, whose hardworking machines can be found in a variety of industrial situations.

Most recently, Technical Tubes have been manipulating 2" copper tubes into the form of transfer pipe between the cooler and cylinder head on Hamworthy compressors, and they have been supplying a steady stream of these components in order to meet the requirements of the company's busy production schedule. 

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